Incident 78/2013

This morning at 11.00hrs our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson, who is a member of SARDA (Wales) was contacted to lend his specialist search dog skills to the continuing search operation to locate a 49 year old missing male, last seen at his home address at 08.00hrs on Tuesday 2nd July 2013, at Llysfaen, North Wales.

We understand that NEWSAR Team and SARDA (Wales) were called out yesterday as part of the North Wales Police search operation, and that NEWSAR were also involved today.

At circa 12.00hrs, Steve along with his Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog ‘Boris,’ left his Bury home address to travel to North Wales to take part in the on going search.

Fellow Bolton MRT team member Elaine Gilliland accompanied Steve to act as his navigator.

En route and close to the search RVP they were all stood down, with the news that the missing man had been located.

They returned to the Bury area at circa 15.25hrs.