Very kind anonymous donation in the memory of the late Mr Alan Thompson

On the extremely wintry evening of Saturday 23rd March 2013, we were called to Foxholes Road, Horwich, to assist an NWAS crew transport an elderly man from his house to an Emergency Ambulance, which due to deep snow and very icy road conditions could not access the mans house. (Please see Incident Report 45/2013 dated the same)

Very sadly we learnt that on April 11th 2013, the man involved, Mr Alan Roy Thompson, passed away in Hospital, and our sincere condolences were subsequently expressed to the family of the late Mr Thompson.

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received in the post an anonymous very thoughtful donation of £50.00 cash, in memory of the late Mr Alan Thompson.
A letter attached to this kind donation stated;

“Please accept this donation for the help you provided in the wintry conditions on Foxholes Road, Horwich, in transporting Mr A Thompson to hospital.”

“We are most grateful for this help, sadly Mr Thompson passed away.”

“Please accept this donation for the memory of Mr A Thompson, of Glendale, Foxholes Road, Horwich.”

The team extends its gratitude to the kind anonymous persons who have made this thoughtful donation.

Please also see website ‘News’ reports dated Saturday 23rd March 2013, Tuesday 7th May 2013 and Tuesday 4th June 2013.