First operational response from our latest new vehicle garage location made during Incident 79, Sunday 7th July 2013

On Thursday 4th July 2013, we reported within our website, that just before midnight on Wednesday 3rd July 2013, we moved a team vehicle in to garage premises at GMFRS Bolton North Fire Station, kindly provided by GMFRS.

Our report at the time mentioned that we were awaiting the first operational response to be made from this our latest team garage at GMFRS Bolton North Fire Station.

Well just to keep our readers up to date, such a first response was made in the early hours of Sunday morning, 7th July 2013, when our Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulance, radio callsign ‘Bolton Mobile 4,’ went mobile to Incident 79 at Yarnsdale Delf Quarry, Cadshaw. (And just to complete the ‘record,’ the driver was Nigel Booth, who by co-incidence also works -though he was off duty at the time, as a GMFRS Watch Commander at Bolton North Fire Station)