Further equipment donations to our friends at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team

Regular readers will be aware of the large amount of equipment surplus to our requirements or superseded within our team by newer equipment items, which we have donated since last year to our colleagues at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team, the principal item being our former Control Trailer, but also including communications, lighting and splinting equipment.

A further check within the dark inner reaches of our Base / HQ revealed three more radio base / vehicle sets, now surplus to our requirements, since new equipment was purchased for our brand new purchased Incident Control Vehicle.

A quick phone call and the odd email to Jim Whiteside, Radio Communications Officer at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team, resulted in our decision to donate all three radios and ancillary items, once again to our friends at Norfolk.

The Bolton MRT is always pleased to find new homes within our colleague teams, for team kit which becomes surplus to our requirements, having freely donated in the past such large items as a Renault Minibus to Hampshire Search and Rescue Team, a considerable amount of waterproof jackets and thermal jackets to Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, a Control Trailer to Cheshire SART (In addition to the latest one we donated to Norfolk) two Mountain Rescue specialist stretchers to Cheshire SART, and sundry other items.