Appeals page of our website updated and revised

Following the successful ‘completion’ of some projects previously listed within our website ‘Appeals’ pages, we have now completely revised these pages, with new wants and replacement team equipment items added.

Most of the ‘Appeals’ pages carry information on capital projects within the team, as to a large degree, the day to day replacement of some team kit items (ie Climbing helmets, ropes, harnesses) is met by our day to day fundraising activities, and is not listed here.

Obviously some of our future replacement programmes, ie replacement vehicles for our BM4 land Rover and Minibus / crewbus entail very large sums of money, but in order to maintain the team at the level we now operate, these ‘wants’ are well thought out and necessary to the future well being of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

As a final aside, all donators and supporters of this team are fully aware that we attach as much importance to the smaller donations as to the larger donations, pennies matter as much as pounds, and we always endeavour to fully publicise and acknowledge (Unless requested otherwise) every single person and organisation that helps the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, whether that be a simple ‘thankyou’ to something we have done for them, through to substantial donations.