Brand new published Bolton MRT Information Leaflet to be launched at this years Greater Manchester Emergency Services Third Annual Open Day at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, on Thursday 8th August 2013

Now long retired from the team since June 2005, Mark Dooley, when in post as the teams Fundraising Officer at the time, further developed and continued the success of our toner appeal, collecting box network, and introduced a fantastically received team publicity leaflet & team supporter sticker.

(He also took on the task of forming a Support Group from scratch in March 2005, not just for fundraising purposes but with a much wider remit of supporting the team across all non-operational roles)

The excellent full colour multi panel two sided A4 Bolton MRT Information Leaflet Mark Dooley designed and introduced, was at the time and for many years afterwards a very useful part of the teams ‘public relations’ material.

However as with all leaflets of this nature, the information it portrayed steadily became outdated, particularly the changes we have made to our team vehicle fleet.

Around two years ago it was suggested that our Support Group look to completely revising the content and format of our Bolton MRT Information Leaflet, reflecting the many changes made since the first leaflet was produced.

As with anything of this nature, a number of drafts were presented, with Iain Clarkson of our Support Group putting in the initial layout work.

However with the known project to purchase an Incident Control Vehicle (Now in service) it was felt at the time that the leaflet should be put on hold until our Incident Control Vehicle was in service, and such could be reflected in the leaflet, similarly the possibility (Now a reality) of us having a third garage location for team vehicles, at GMFRS Bolton North Fire Station.

All the while the future leaflet was further developed with long serving team Call Out list member Diane Blakeley now fully involved in its content, design and layout, spending a considerable amount of time in getting the ‘right level’ of information, in a clear easy to read format, within the leaflet, as well as obtaining the necessary associated illustrative material.

Today we are very pleased to announce that the teams brand new completely revised ‘Bolton MRT Information Leaflet’ is now ready for publication, and will be ‘publically launched’ at the Greater Manchester Emergency Services Third Annual Open Day at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, on Thursday 8th August 2013.

The leaflet is double sided A4 sized, consisting of four A5 size information panels, each of which is fully illustrated, outlining the work of the team, where we are based, how we are funded and how to contact us, including our Twitter and Facebook accounts and our website.

The leaflet will be available as a black and white copy or in full colour.

The team would like to express its thanks to team member Diane Blakeley for her considerable input regards this new leaflet, to Iain Clarkson of our Support Group for his initial ideas and enthusiasm to revise our previous leaflet, and to Team President Bob Hutchinson, Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Team Secretary Gillian Gregory for their involvement.

Our next project of a similar theme is an A3 size full colour illustrated poster, highlighting the work of the team, which would be suitable for display at our numerous collecting box locations and other venues, to further publicise the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team within the local community.

Our brand new Bolton MRT Information Leaflet is available to view here (pdf).