GMP contact Bolton MRT for possible search assistance

At 11.43hrs this morning, a GMP Missing Person Search Manager contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, regards the possible assistance of Bolton MRT to an on going search operation in the Lyme Park area of Disley, fringing the Peak District.

The search for a missing male, we understand involved Kinder MRT, Buxton MRT and SARDA (England) alongside GMP resources, including the Tactical Aid Unit, Cheshire Constabulary and a helicopter from the National Police Air Service.

Following a full team pager call, our Team Leader quickly established that a small number of team members were immediately available to this out of our team area search operation, with a further small number of members likely to be available from mid afternoon onwards.

At 12.19hrs, our Team Leader was further contacted by the GMP Missing Person Search Manager, to ask that the Bolton MRT now be placed on standby for possible later involvement if required in this search operation.

At this stage we had eight team members available.

The search continued in to the afternoon and early evening.

At 17.00hrs GMP informed the Bolton MRT that our assistance would not be required, with their search investigation enquiries on going.

This request upon the Bolton MRT has been recorded here for information only and does not feature in our Incident Listings.