Remembrance plaque erected in our Base / HQ to the memory of the late Miss Mary Alice Kelly, a kind supporter of the team

On Saturday 27th July 2013, we reported within our website that the late Miss Mary Alice Kelly had left a bequest in her will of £2,000.00 to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Miss Mary Kelly very kindly supported the team for many years and we truly appreciated her very kind friendship of the team over this period. Mary Kelly was a friend of the mother of our current Team Training Officer Dave Marsh, a former team Search Dog handler, current Secretary of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) who is presently known to our readership as the handler of Trainee Drowned Victim Search dog Sasha.

As with all legacy and bequest donations of this nature, the memory of Mary Alice Kelly and her valued and appreciated support of the team, lives on and is remembered by the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team via a commemorative plaque which has been obtained and today was placed on prominent display at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

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