Very kind thanks received from the Rotary Club of Westhoughton

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from valued team friend Phil Wood, Past President of the Rotary Club of Westhoughton, the following very kind email regarding our assistance to the Rotary Club Club of Westhoughton in providing a ‘Mountain Rescue’ awareness session for the Rotary Club International Youth Summer Camp.

“Dear Rescuers! To all of you who helped in the exercise with the Rotary Summer Camp, sincere thanks for all your efforts. We had them at our club meeting that evening and asked what they thought of this event and they all spoke well of it and had had a great time doing something very worthwhile.

The campers have put loads of photos on Facebook to tell their story, and you have perhaps seen that we actually made the Bolton News twice: on Fri 9th August with a short article and again on Monday 12th August with a half page feature and two photos. It makes for a good story!

Here is a link which hopefully will let you get to all the photos that they took telling their story.

If you are interested, there is also a 12-minute video which the campers, especially the girl called Satin, unknown to any of us, which they showed on the last night. They had had a fantastic fortnight.

Thanks again to all your volunteers for your fantastic help on this event, and of course for all the valuable work you do generally.

Best regards,
Phil Wood,
Past President,
Rotary Club of Westhoughton.”

The team values its very long standing friendship with the Rotary Club of Westhoughton, and is honoured to be asked on a regular basis to assist with the Rotary Club International Youth Summer Camp.