Team receives fantastic AED Defibrillator donation from Bolton ICD Support Group

All photos in this report by Eden Photography
On Wednesday 15th April 2009, David McNally, First Responder Manager for NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) at the time, visited the team to officially hand over four Cardiac Science FirstSave AED G3 defibrillators (AED = automated external defibrillator).

These four latest generation at the time AEDs replaced our existing four AEDs two of which were supplied by the British Heart Foundation in 1997 and 2000 and two from what was GMAS NHS Trust in 2003. (these older generation AEDs could not be re-programmed to adhere to the latest resuscitation guidelines, hence their replacement).

The team at the time extended thanks to the National Lottery and the British Heart Foundation who had supplied NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) with a considerable number of these AEDs including the four we were donated as part of a community program to place AEDs in the Greater Manchester Area.

These four AEDs continue to currently equip each one of our four Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulance vehicles.

We have been seeking two further AEDs to equip our Ford Transit Crewbus / Ambulance vehicle and our brand new Incident Control Vehicle, and a ‘chance meeting with Tracey Wilkinson, Fundraising Manager of the Bolton ICD Support Group (ICD = Implantable Cardiac Defribillator) at the Thursday 8th August 2013 Greater Manchester Emergency Services Day by our Equipment Officer (Medical) Nigel Booth, set off a very quick chain of events which led barely one week later to the Bolton ICD Support Group very kindly informing our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE they were donating to us a brand new state of the art, latest generation AED.

Bolton ICD Support Group, alongside their core function, very kindly now raise money to directly purchase AEDs to place out in the local community.

Prior to their extremely kind support of Bolton MRT, they have placed five AEDs out in the local community, at Harper Green School, Highfield Primary School, Markland Hill Racquet Club, Bolton Rugby Club and MotorCise (LadiesGym)

This evening prior to the start of our weekly training exercise, Tracey Wilkinson, Fundraising Manager of Bolton ICD Support Group arrived at 19.00hrs at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to present us with this, the sixth AED bolton ICD Support Group have kindly raised the money to purchase and place out in the community.

Tracey was joined by her brother Daniel Eden of Eden Photography ( who kindly provides publicity photographs for his sister and the work of Bolton ICD Support Group.

Tracey handed over the AED officially to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, in the presence of our Team President Bob Hutchinson and our Team Chairman Craig Lamb, alongside many of our appreciative team operational members.

Tracey was then invited by our Team Leader to give a presentation on the work of the Bolton ICD Support Group to our assembled team members, during which she explained that AEDs (Number 7 and number 8) were shortly to be donated to St Bartholomew’s and Cherry Tree, Farnworth.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE then officially thanked Tracey and the Bolton ICD Support group for their very thoughtful AED donation, followed by our team Chairman Craig Lambs giving similar thanks, backed up by a show of appreciation from the assembled Bolton MRT team membership.

The AED model donated to us is a Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus model, which came to us complete with a protective cover case, spare Quick – Pak Pacing / Defibrillation / ECG Electrodes, a spare Lithium charge – pak, a First Responder Kit (Facemask, Scissors, Razor and Gloves) and a Training DVD. (All with a ‘Test’ date of 17th July 2013)

During her presentation, Tracey explained that these AEDs thanks to a kindly purchase arrangement, cost some £650.00 each.

This AED will now be used to equip our brand new Incident Control Vehicle, but will also be utilised when required, to equip our Ford Transit Crewbus / Ambulance, until such time we can obtain another AED for this vehicle.

The Bolton Mountain Rescue Team wishes to extend its thanks to all at Bolton ICD Support Group for this extremely supportive, and very generous, thoughtful AED equipment donation.

More information about Bolton ICD Support Group can be found at;
Twitter @BoltonICDGroup

The following report was published today (Wednesday 21st August 2013) in the Bolton News daily newspaper