Fantastic donation via our valued friend John Barlow of Edgworth

We are vey happy to report today on the receipt of a very kind donation of £200.00 via our valued friend John Barlow of Edgworth.

John when formerly associated with the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee, came to know the team very well, as did the Edgworth Real Ale Committee, who very kindly donated to the team on two occasions a substantial sum of money, when we were nominated twice to be the charity beneficiary of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival.

John in a letter accompanying this very kind and thoughtful £200.00 donation, received by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, stated;

“I trust you are keeping fit and well and the team is going from strength to strength.”

“Please find enclosed a donation to support the excellent work your Team undertakes in and around the Bolton area.”

In his letter John went on to explain, that in the 1960’s, along with many others, he was a member of St Paul’s Youth Club in Monton, Eccles.

Many of the Clubs activities were filmed on 8mm cine film, which for the last 40 years plus has resided gathering dust in John’s loft.

Deciding that the cine film may be of interest, John approached the Manchester Metropolitan University who deciding that the cine film was of historical interest capturing as it does what teenagers did in the 1960s, decided to digitise the film.

With the results John then went on to produce a DVD set to the music of the 1960’s and then sold it on to friends and former youth club members.

The ‘profits’ from the sales of these discs totalled £200.00, and John along with Ben Williams and Albert Beckett, decided very kindly and thoughtfully to donate such to the work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

The Bolton MRT membership wishes to thank John, Ben and Albert for their supportive kindness, and of course all those members of St Paul’s Youth Club in Monton, who way back when they were being filmed in the 1960s little realised that many years in to the future their exploits would be supporting Bolton Mountain Rescue Team!