Further kind comments received from the lecture of yesterday evening to Bury / Bolton ME / CFS Support Group

Further to the lecture by team member Dave Cook yesterday evening to the members of Bury / Bolton ME / CFS Support Group, late this morning we received the following kind comment via email;

You came out to give a wonderful talk to our group (Bury/Bolton ME/CFS Support Group) last night, everyone really enjoyed it and had no idea the extent of your work, so thank you very much!”

“For the write up of the talk in our monthly newsletter, we would like to put a couple of pictures in, and in the presentation, there were a few of the search dogs, and there are a few dog-mad members who would appreciate them! I cannot find them in the gallery on the website though, could you possibly email them to me please? I have taken a few other ones of the team from the gallery and one from last night.

Once again, thank you for coming to see us. For those of our members who could not make it, many were too unwell, they will enjoy reading about it in the newsletter. I left my brain at home with all my cash, so will be making a personal donation via the website shortly.”

Caroline Higson,
Group Leader, BBME Group.”

Well Caroline if you are reading this we have arranged to get the pictures you require sent to you, and thanks for your kind comments.