Team provides standby cover for Rossendale and Pendle MRT

Starting early yesterday evening and extending in to this morning, the Bolton MRT provided standby rescue cover for the Rossendale and Pendle MRTs operational area, bordering our teams area, to enable the RPMRT members to enjoy their Annual Team Dinner last night free from the ‘interruption’ of call outs (Like us, their one night off a year!)

We understand Bowland Pennine MRT also jointly provided cover.

During this period given we had to potentially cover not just our area but part of RPMRTs area, a small number of Bolton MRT members were designated in advance to respond to likely emergencies.

This ‘Call Out Cover’ during all our Annual Team Dinner’s is mutual between all three MRTs; ourselves, Bowland Pennine MRT and Rossendale and Pendle MRT.
We all hope RPMRTs Annual Team Dinner was a great success, and that the inevitable ‘hangovers’ from too much lemonade is now wearing off.