Bolton MRT “Water Team” members, Third Water Search and Training Day on the River Dee, Llangollen

Following previous training (Provided in-house and externally, including kindly by GMFRS) and to consolidate previous Wednesday evening specific training events, early this morning three experienced team members met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to journey south to the River Dee at Llangollen, North Wales, to undertake our third Bankside First Responder training course held this summer, where they joined a fourth Bolton MRT member who had travelled direct.

The four consisted of John Fletcher (A qualified Whitewater Rescue Technician, and our Equipment Officer with specific responsibilities for our SAR Boat and water search and rescue equipment including PPE) our Team Chairman Craig Lamb, Elaine Gilliland and Trainee Team member Jess Ellsmore.

This course had been developed by team member John Fletcher, assisted by our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon.

John, Elaine and Craig all travelled in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance BM4, towing our 3.5 metre long semi rigid inflatable Search and Rescue Boat.

Under the tutelage and instruction of John Fletcher, the other three spent the day learning the techniques around self-rescue and safety on the water, when acting in support of Whitewater Rescue Technicians and Swiftwater Rescue Technicians during a water rescue incident.

The team’s thanks are extended to Whitewater Active (and the local landowner Mike), for allowing the team to use the site throughout today, and for the previous two courses.

Please also see website ‘News’ reports dated Saturday 27th July and Saturday 24th August 2013.