Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) National Training Day

Today our national body held its annual ‘National Training Day,’ this year at the venue of the JSMTC (Joint Services Mountain Training Centre) at ‘Indefatigable,’ Plas LlanfairPG, Anglesey.

The Training Day varied from its usual format, being significantly revised to present an opportunity for Team Training Officers, their deputies and those with an interest in MR training to get together and have a conversation about what’s going on nationally and to share ’good practice’.

The format for the day consisted of a series of ‘conversations’ exploring current training issues including;

  • How to apply the National Training Guidelines for Team Member and Party Leader?
  • Is there a need for Team Leaders training syllabus?
  • How to integrate SARMAN, SARCALL and SARLOC training into team programmes?
  • What’s the most effective training solution for CASCARE, is centralised training an option?
  • What’s the future of search training in Mountain Rescue?
  • What are the ‘big issues’ in training today?

The desired outcome of todays National Training Event was to learn from each other and capture good ideas in the production of a Mountain Rescue (E&W) ’good practice’ training report for 2013. This will inform the priorities to take forward in the MREW National Training Sub-Committee for 2014.

Present at todays event were Bolton MRT members Elaine Gilliland and Steve Nelson (Also a SARDA Wales Dog Handler) who acted in the role of session facilitators.

Unfortunately our Team Training Officer Dave Marsh could not attend todays event, as he was on an NSARDA training event in Suffolk, whilst our Leaders were present at a major team commitment providing Standby Rescue Cover for the Rivington Trail Half Marathon event (See ‘News’ report also dated today)