Team visit to Year 6, Lowton St Mary”s Primary School, Newton Road, Lowton

Not previously reported on our website, was the visit on Thursday afternoon 3rd October to Year 6, Lowton St Mary’s Primary School, Newton Road, Lowton, by
our Team President Bob Hutchinson and Life Vice President Tony McNally, to give an oversight into the work of the Team.

The pupils at the school are split into 4 houses and once again Raleigh House had very kindly chosen Bolton MRT as their charity for the year.

Bob and Tony were met by Year 6 Teacher Vivienne Dooley and taken along to their classroom.

Here, after a short introduction, Bob explained to the class how and why we have a mountain rescue team based in Bolton.

The class then split into 2 groups, one group going with Bob into the school car park to look at a Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance (Bolton Mobile 3), the other group staying with Tony for a question and answer session in the classroom. After 20 minutes or so the groups swapped over.

Then it was back to the classroom where all the children from the various years in Raleigh House were assembled together to enable Bob and Tony to thank them all for their continued support of the Team.

At the end of their visit Vivienne suggested that Bob and Tony would be asked back to the school to receive the cheque resulting from the children’s efforts.
It should be mentioned to all our readers that over the last few years the children at Lowton St Mary’s Primary Scholl, have raised the amazing figure of over £800.00 for the Team, an effort for which we are all very grateful.

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