Team assists a father and son, unsure of their whereabouts on local moors

Not previously reported on our website, but during the afternoon practical stretcher handling steep ground exercise, of Saturday 12th October 2013, on our Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue weekend, as one of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles arrived at the Hordern Stoops Car Park area, (to turn around on this narrow section of moorland road) a father and son at 15.15hrs, stopped the vehicle and explained to its driver, Bolton MRT member John Fletcher, that they had set off form White Coppice, visited Great Hill, traversed Spitlers Edge, and now at Hordern Stoops realised that with no torches, they faced a tiring long walk (for them) probably in the dark back to their car at White Coppice.

Due to the likelihood of rain and the increasingly bitterly cold, strong winds blowing, John arranged with Gyles Denn, the driver of our Incident Control Vehicle ‘BM6,’ which was nearby, to pick up the father and son, from the Prestwich area of Manchester, and drive transport them in BM6 from Hordern Stoops back to their car at White Coppice, much to the relief of the two.

By 15.59hrs, father and son were back at White Coppice, much safer and warmer than had they tried to walk back, and thankful to us for giving them a helpful lift on their way.

This is recorded here for the interest and information of our readers and does not feature in our ‘Incidents’ listing.