Another very kind comment from a member of Norfolk LSART, following this weekends Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received another very kind email from Norfolk LSART about this weekends Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue, this time from Norfolk LSART member Mike Wade;

“Hi Gary,
My personal thanks to You and all the Team for an amazing weekend in the West Pennines.

I really enjoyed myself and have learnt a lot of new skills and techniques which will be useful even in the lowlands of Norfolk!

Handling the different types of stretchers and first aid equipment gives me more confidence and I was really surprised how easy the rope work with the stretcher on steep slopes was …… the bit that killed me was the effort of getting myself up the slopes first!!!!

Being able to meet the other emergency services and see how they use their equipment and how we can interact with them was very interesting and will be useful in many ways. We will all be called to work together at some time or other.

I was very impressed with the way all the volunteer SAR teams blended together from the start and just became one big team that got stuck into everything you threw at us.

You stretched me to my limits and beyond and I enjoyed every minute of it!!

Please give my personal Special Thanks to Alistair Greenough and Nick Berry for looking after me so well when my asthma got the better of me. They both stayed with me at all times and helped me to still be involved as much as possible.

I am sure a lot of what I have learnt and achieved will be useful down here in Lowland Search and Rescue.

Many thanks again and keep up the good work.
Mike Wade,
Norfolk Lowland SAR.”

We are also aware of many excellent comments on Facebook and Twitter regards this Foundation Course held over this immediate past weekend.

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Monday 14th October and Sunday 13th October 2013.