Third kind email thanks received regarding our recent weekend residential Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue

This morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a third very kind email about this weekends Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue, this time from Cheshire SART member and Team treasurer Mark Susca;

“Dear Garry,
Sorry for the delay in sending this email, I got sent away with work straight after the course.”

“I just wanted to say, on a personal note, a huge thank you! The course you and your team put on was superb and it was a honour to be a part of it – well done. I came away with new skills, increased awareness but importantly new friends.”

“Any differences between Mountain Rescue and ourselves, and other ALSAR teams, were thrown out the window the minute we arrived.” “Thanks to you and Simon (Webmaster; Simon Lane, Team Leader of Cheshire SART) we’ve a great relationship, but with your course we’ve now made friends from all over and that is fantastic for the future. It was a breathe of fresh air to meet such a great bunch of like minded people, who just want to get the job done, work together and will move heaven and earth to do so.”

“Once again Garry, a huge thank you both personally and from the Team, and here’s to the future of us helping those who need it, together, where ever we are from.”

“Look forward to seeing you again, it was a pleasure to meet you,
Mark Susca MSc,
Cheshire SART.”

We are also aware of many excellent comments on Facebook and Twitter regards this Foundation Course held over this immediate past weekend.

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Tuesday 15th October, Monday 14th October and Sunday 13th October 2013.