Incident 99/2013

At 14.05hrs this afternoon, the team was contacted by NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Parkway, to assist with the report of an injured mountain biker in Philips Park, Prestwich, Manchester.

An NWAS Rapid Response Vehicle was already on scene, alongside a later arriving NWAS Emergency Ambulance, and the team was required to stretcher evacuate the casualty involved.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE whilst present at the GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station Open Day answered the call, and with team members immediately on hand to respond at the Open Day, our Bolton Mobile 1 Land Rover quickly mobilised.

Other team members responded in two further team Land Rovers, following a full team pager call out.

Our first team member, Life Vice President Alan James, arrived on scene at 14.35hrs at the RVP of the main visitor car park to the woodland trails area in Philips Park, Prestwich, closely followed by our first team vehicle on scene at 14.37hrs.

The injured mountain biker, a male aged 30 years old, from Salford, had fallen from his bike whilst riding the ‘Red Run,’ sustaining elbow and knee injuries, and was treated by the responding NWAS crews.

By 14.45hrs a mountain rescue stretcher evacuation commenced, seeing the injured male quickly back to the NWAS Emergency Ambulance and en route to North Manchester Hospital.

The following resources were involved in this incident response;

  • NWAS (Manchester); EOC Parkway.
  • NWAS (Manchester); Rapid Response Vehicle, solo Paramedic, from Swinton Ambulance Station, and an Emergency Ambulance from Shaw Ambulance Station (though deployed elsewhere at the time of call) with two crew. (Paramedic and Technician)
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team; Three Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles, BM1,2,3, alongside fourteen Call Out list members on scene and one further team member stood down responding.

With 99x Incidents so far recorded this year, this call is our tenth specific Mountain Bike Incident of 2013, with mountain bike accidents accounting for 10% of all our call outs this year comparing to only two mountain bike accidents out of 118x total call outs in 2012!