Huge thanks to Panorama Antennas Limited of London

Recently we ‘lost’ a radio antenna from the extendable radio mast on our Incident Control vehicle, and with no spares held by the team this effectively rendered the large extendable radio mast non operational.

Our Team Equipment Officer (Communications and IT) Steve Fletcher initially contacted Panorama Antennas, followed by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE who spoke to Lee Parsons of Panorama Antennas last week requesting replacement parts.

The replacement for the lost antenna is a bespoke manufactured item, and we would like to thank Lee Parsons and his colleagues at Panorama Antennas ( for very quickly processing our order (For three antennas, making sure we’ll have a spares holding in the future) and delivering back to the team all three bespoke manufactured antennas by first delivery courier post this morning from order placement on Friday morning, 25th October 2013.

The Bolton MRT would like to thank Panorama Antennas for their excellent service in this matter, it is very much appreciated by the team.