Team loans two dummies to Bowland Pennine MRT (now here is a report headline that we could have some fun with!)

On 8th and 15th October 2003, the Bolton MRT received a very kind donation from Phil and Denise Frain of “RescuEquip 1,” manufacturers of Fire and Water Rescue Training Equipment, based in Bolton, of two Training dummies (Or Casualty Simulators)

The donation included a Teenager sized model (8th October 2003) and an Adult sized model (15th October 2003) from their ‘Joe Public’ range.

Since this time we have utilised both these training dummies on a wide range of exercises over the last ten years, and they continue to give us excellent service (Though they would benefit from new stuffing / padding materials to bulk them up again)

Both dummies are fully clothed to represent mountaineers, with thermal underwear upwards, including boots and helmets / climbing harnesses, even down to wearing wrist watches! (Webmaster; its all old kit donated over the years by team members – and in some cases its more modern kit than our Founder member and still with us, Alan James’s personal hill kit!)

Both dummies after ten years of outstanding service with Bolton MRT, are now off for a short spell with another MRT, namely Bowland Pennine MRT, for an exercise being planned by BPMRT.

Does this mean both our dummies will now also qualify for a BPMRT team badge as well as a Bolton MRT team badge?

Please also see website ‘News’ items dated 8th and 15th October 2003.