Kind comments received from organiser of 2nd Annual “Get Ready for Winter” event, Bolton, held yesterday

Today all the organisations involved in yesterdays very successful 2nd Annual ‘Get Ready for Winter’ event, Bolton, received a kind email of thanks from Cath Nally, Civil Contingencies Officer, Bolton Council, the organiser of the event;

“Dear all,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making yesterday such a success. We had record breaking figures for Joan’s recipes and requests for recycling bins and many people went away with useful advice and information along with a greater understanding of the work of our organisations and how we work in partnership.”

“Thanks also to my colleagues at the Council who supported me yesterday and did a brilliant job.”

“As I don’t have emails for all those who took part please pass on my thanks to participants from your individual organisations and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Thanks again,
Cath Nally,
Civil Contingencies Officer,
Bolton Council.”

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Thursday 31st October 2013.