Incident 100/2013

Whilst en route to take part in the Lead Mines Valley Bomber Memorial Remembrance Sunday Service, Team Support Group member Iain Clarkson came upon an injured road cyclist, who had become dismounted after the bike apparently slid on the icy road surface in the vicinity of Sparks Bridge, Rivington.

He was being cared for by a passing motorist, with a passing runner also assisting.

In the knowledge that team members in team vehicles were nearby, also travelling to the same event, Iain contacted our BM2 vehicle at 09.54hrs for immediate assistance, who then in turn contacted other nearby travelling team vehicles.

Our BM4 vehicle actually arrived first on scene and its crew aided the injured 89 years old man from the Anderton, Chorley area, who had suffered facial cuts and dizziness.

NWAS (Lancashire) were informed and kept updated, if an Emergency Ambulance was required, with the man involved stating he did not wish to go to hospital.

Other Bolton MRT personnel assisted with protecting the scene on this narrow and busy country road.

Team members transported the man involved, along with his bike, back to a nearby friends house in Anderton.

In total eight team Call Out list members were involved and Team Support Group member Iain Clarkson, for the 40 minute total duration of this incident.

All then carried on to the Remembrance Sunday Service.