Team assists another injured road cyclist today

Similar to Incident 100 reported earlier today, whilst out in the team area this afternoon, at circa 13.45hrs one of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles, chanced upon a male road pedal cyclist who had fallen from his bike after coming across an icy road section on Sheephouse Lane, near the high moorland point of Hordern Stoops, between Rivington and Belmont.

A passer by had already assisted with dressing minor cuts and bruises, and the team offered to take the injured 27 year old, and his road bike, back to his Wigan home, with the cyclist expressing his gratitude for this.

Team members Ken Oakes, Naomi Horan and Matthew Hailwood were involved in this assistance.

This is not recorded within our Incident listings, and is reported here for information purposes only.