Congratulations to our friends at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team on the acquisition of their first “team vehicle.”

Early this evening, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from his close colleague and team friend, Paul Chamberlain, Team Leader of Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team, the following excellent news on the continuing development of Norfolk LSART.

“Dear Garry, I hope this email finds you well, and dried out following your recent training? Just a quick note with some news from the east……” (Webmaster, those far flung lands south of the Manchester Ship Canal!)

“There is still a buzz around the team following the Foundation Course in October, (Webmaster; Our Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue residential weekend) already team members are asking about next years, so hopefully we will be able to send a contingent from the east again.”

“I have attached below a photo of our ’new’ Land Rover. This has been donated to us by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, as you can see we have begun to livery the vehicle but still need to remove the single reflective stripe and replace it with a batten burg pattern, in common with mountain rescue and lowland rescue vehicles nationally.”

“The Land Rover will be utilised to tow the Control Trailer that Bolton MRT generously donated to us earlier in the year.”

“Once the ’branding’ of the Land Rover is complete I will forward you a photograph of the Land Rover and the Control Trailer together.”

“Please extend our warmest wishes to our friends at Bolton MRT from all in Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.”

“Kind Regards,

The entire Bolton MRT extends its fullest congratulations to Norfolk LSART on the acquisition of this their first ‘team vehicle,’ which we have no doubt will greatly increase and enhance the operational effectiveness of Norfolk LSART and their valued work within their local Norfolk community.

We also look forward to their members once more taking an active part in our Bolton MRT Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue residential weekend in October 2014.