Team Trainee Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore has a “busman’s” (“buswoman’s”) break in Cornwall

Not previously reported on our website, but late last week and over this weekend Trainee Call Out list member has been down in Cornwall for her SPA Award.

Whilst present in Cornwall, Jess took up an invite first mentioned to her by Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, when she was ‘bodying’ for a SARDA weekend,’ to take part in a Cornwall SRT exercise evening.

So only the night after she had been on exercise with Bolton MRT on Wednesday evening, 13th November, Jess on Thursday evening, 14th November, hundreds of miles south, found herself on exercise with Cornwall Search and Rescue Team on a night navigation assessment on Bodmin Moor.

Jess also took the opportunity to introduce to Cornwall SRT our B M R T travels around the country and elsewhere ‘letters,’ – where will they turn up next?