GMP request the assistance of the team

At 22.08hrs this evening, via SARCALL and pager, the team was called out to assist GMP with the developing search for a missing woman in the Prestolee area.

The initial call was answered by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, who liaised with a GMP Missing Person Search Manager to obtain further information.

At this same time, at 22.14hrs the team was placed on immediate standby by pager, with team vehicle drivers being organised.

The woman who had been reported missing to GMP at circa 19.10hrs this evening, was thankfully located safely by a Police patrol during our Team Leaders conversation with the Police Missing Person Search Manager, and at 22.20hrs the team was paged to stand down.

At this stage a number of team members had declared their ready availability to assist.

As this request only involved team members still at their home locations, this initial response has not been featured in our incident listings, but is listed here for the information and interest of our readers only.