Team attends a meeting today of the Greater Manchester Chain of Survival Partnership

This afternoon, Team Equipment Officer (Medical) Nigel Booth, attended the Greater Manchester Chain of Survival Partnership meeting (Area Steering Group) at the NWAS Headquaters, Ladybridge Hall, Chorley New Road, Bolton.

The meeting was facilitated and organised by the NWAS NHS Trust, and was led by Sara Harris, Chain of Survival County Coordinator, Greater Manchester Area, NWAS.

Essentially the group consists of those with an involvement in the ‘Chain of Survival’ including Basic Emergency Life Support, use of Automated External Defibrillators, the provision of Advanced Life Support Trained Responders available to support Emergency Ambulance crews and public awareness of such, amongst other related matters.

See also website ‘News’ report dated Wednesday 22nd May 2013 and Thursday 29th November 2012.