Team members in joint exercise with GMFRS and LFRS today at GMFRS Horwich Fire Station

This morning Bolton MRT Call Out list members David Crawford, John Fletcher (Equipment Officer – Water) and Martin Banks (Team Treasurer) together with Gary Melia a member of our Support Group and Dani Burgess from NEWSAR (Fundraising Officer) attended a joint training exercise at GMFRS Horwich Fire Station, organised by GMFRS Watch Manager (Horwich Fire Station) Craig Lunt.

Involved were the on duty Watch at GMFRS Horwich, joined by their colleagues from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Chorley Fire Station, offering our attending team members and Dani, an excellent opportunity for joint training with two Fire and Rescue Services.

The scenario entailed dealing with a serious Road Traffic Accident, staged in the grounds of GMFRS Horwich Fire Station.

Three exercise ‘casualties’ were trapped inside the vehicle, the two front seat occupants being realistically ‘impaled’ on metal poles.

The Fire Officers took responsibility for cutting the car to enable extrication of the casualties, whilst casualty care was in the hands of Mountain Rescue team members.

The serious nature of the injuries required delicate extraction and close working between all parties.

Following the successful completion of the exercise and a debrief, the Fire Officers demonstrated the explosive power of the airbag and seat belt tensioners.

Everyone then shared a welcome cup of tea before departing.

David, John, Martin and Dani are grateful to the three exercise casualties and to Craig Lunt for organising the training exercise today and for allowing them to play an active role in the proceedings.

Our Support Group member Gary Melia is grateful for the opportunity to observe this exercise, and to see his team ‘operational colleagues’ in action, albeit on exercise.