Another donation via the Charities Aid Foundation by a kind supporter who wishes to remain anonymous

On Thursday 8th August 2013, we were very happy to report a kind £100.00 donation received via the Charities Aid Foundation.

This thoughtful donation had been made by a valued team supporter, who has made many previous donations to the Bolton MRT and who wishes to remain anonymous.

This appreciated donation was made with the specific instruction that it be utilised against the purchase of a Laptop specifically for the use of our Team Treasurer, such is the complexity now of our financial affairs.

It had also been made against a specific appeal regarding the updating of the IT infrastructure of the Bolton MRT mentioned within the ‘Appeals’ section of our website.

On Thursday 10th October 2013, from this same very kind benefactor and valued team supporter, again via the Charities Aid Foundation, we were pleased to report a further £100.00 donation.

Today we are very pleased to announce a further £75.00 donation from this same benefactor, and again it is offered with the request that it be used as per the previous donations.

As with the donation of 8th August 2013 and 10th October 2013, this latest donation will be used against the purchase of a Laptop specifically for the use of our Team Treasurer.

The whole team membership wishes to extend its sincere thanks to this kind person for yet another thoughtful and very supportive donation.