A very warm welcome to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to former team operational member Dave Rees

Today, Friday the 13th, turned out to contradict the proverb and be lucky after all as our President Bob Hutchinson welcomed to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ former team member Dave (David) Rees.

Dave was a Call Out list member from the summer of 1983 until the summer of 1993 (having take a sabbatical living in Oxford summer 1987-autumn 1989). During his later years of membership David held the office of Assistant Team Leader for a short while, he was also our Secretary at one time.

Having started the tour with a look around our new Land Rovers and a little reminiscence around the old equipment on the walls “Oh the Thomas Rigid and Split mountain rescue stretchers, I’ve carried that a few miles” Dave commented, a cup of tea was in order whilst the storeroom and office/control room were viewed and after that into the main lounge/lecture area.

Dave was quite impressed with the way the team had progressed over the years.
Before leaving Dave asked about our Support Group and expressed a big interest in joining, and once more contributing to the team.

Dave has asked to come along to our next Support Group meeting in January 2014 to which he will be made most welcome.