Very kind festive donation from Ladybridge Singers

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following thoughtful letter from Miss Rushton, Treasurer of The Ladybridge Singers.

“Dear Mr Rhodes, We are the Ladybridge Singers based in Bolton.”

“This year, instead of giving each other Christmas cards, the choir members decided to give the money we saved to a worthy cause.”

“Someone suggested the Bolton MRT, so here is our donation to your funds.”

“Yours sincerely Miss Rushton, Treasurer, the Ladybridge Singers.”

With the letter were two very kind donations of £20.00 and £83.59p.

The whole team membership extends its thanks to all at The Ladybridge Singers for their festive kindness to us, and to the very kind choir member who made the suggestion that we be supported in this way.