GMP request search advice from Bolton MRT

This evening at 20.11hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by a GMP Divisional Sergeant, regards an on going missing person search enquiry within the Bolton area.

The enquiry concerned the capabilities of our specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog in regards to possibly helping in this enquiry, and the general support that could be made available from the team.

Garry liaised with Steve Nelson, our Trailing Dog Handler, (A member of SARDA Wales) and passed on at 20.42hrs various comments to the Sergeant involved.

Following this further conversation with GMP it was felt that at this stage there is no further help the team can offer, subject to further Police enquiries.

Two other Bolton MRT team members were also involved at this preliminary stage.
This call has been recorded here for information and interest only and does not feature in our Incident Listings.