Update on the training progress of our Trainee Mountain Rescue Air Scenting Dog Bella, and of course her handler Paul Chisholm

Experienced Bolton MRT Call Out list member Paul Chisholm spent from Thursday 12th December through to Sunday 15th December, at Patterdale, Cumbria, on this months SARDA England Training weekend.

Paul With Bella spent the weekend on their SARDA Air Scenting Stage 2 training, in the mountains of the Patterdale area, with Paul reporting the conditions to have been torrential rain and strong winds that at more than one time were strong enough to blow Bella over!

Bolton MRT Team call Out list member Jess Ellsmore was also present helping as an ‘exercise body’ for the many search dogs present to locate.

Jess actually journeyed to Patterdale earlier last week, where she met up with her friends from Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, who then went on to the SARDA weekend, with their prospective Dog Handler being involved in SARDA Pre Assessment work.