Congratulations and welcome to the teams latest eight newly appointed Full Team Call Out List members

We are very pleased to announce that all eight of our current Trainee Team members have now been accepted in to the team as Full Team Call Out list members.

All eight members started with the team on our October 2012 new team member intake, and have since gone on to complete their initial Probationary membership period with the team, and a full twelve months Trainee membership period with the team.

During this time they have attended our Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue residential weekend in October 2013, and all eight undertook our gruelling Casualty Care Course training which led to seven of the eight successfully gaining their MREW Casualty Care Course Certificate.

The existing team membership extends its full congratulations to Martin Battersby, Michael Eddleston, Jess Ellsmore, Doctor Mark Jeffrey, Ashley Kelshaw, Doctor Richard Moss, Michael Wakerley and Chris Weatherhead, for their commitment and dedication shown within the team since they joined us in late October 2012, and upon now gaining ‘Full team Call Out list’ membership status.

The team currently has fifty one operational Call Out list members, and twelve Support Group members.

We do not currently have any membership vacancies within the operational team membership, and do not envisage any recruitment need until perhaps Summer 2014.

Our Support Group is still accepting new members, indeed at its January 2014 first meeting of the new year, one potential new member is looking to possibly join the group, Dave Rees, a former Call out list member from the 1980s.