Experienced team Call Out list member Brian Brooks sadly leaves the team.

Experienced team Call Out list member Brian Brooks has announced today that he is leaving the team due to his personal commitments no longer enabling him to commit to the demands of team membership.

Brian, a Web Programmer joined the team aged 47, in February 2007, becoming a Trainee Team member in April 2007 and a Full Team Call Out list member in early 2008.

Brian ran twice in the Help the Heroes Winter Hill to Belmont Challenge Run, representing Bolton MRT whilst raising funds for the H4H Charity.

In June 2012, Brian received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 1952 – 2012 issued to mountain rescuers with five years service, he was also a holder of a current MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate and one of the teams general purpose drivers.

Brian has sent an email to us all in the team, sending us his best wishes, with some recollections over his near seven years service to the local and regional community within the team ;

“In my six years this team has seen a great change in vehicles, equipment and responsibilities along with the standard of training required implementing these changes. Whatever happened to those Sunday afternoon ambulance jobs and how do you get on the boat team? You are all now well positioned and trained for multiple roles and Bolton MRT will gain ever higher achievements and respect. ”

“I wish the team the best of luck for the future, and thank everybody for their honest professionalism and friendship in a mixture of gruelling, harrowing, pleasant and always interesting scenarios. Brian.”

The whole team membership wishes Brian well for the future, and we extend our thanks to Brian for his service to the team over these last near seven years, for his friendship, kinship and quiet support extended to many.