Team present in Rivington area for Boxing Day

Each year the Holcombe Hunt has met in Rivington for its traditional Boxing Day Hunt, which now also attracts a great many other horse riders, their followers and members of the public, alongside the more usual visitors to the area.

The team has also traditionally maintained a public profile in the area on this day, with today being no different.

Two Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances were out and about alongside our Incident Control Vehicle with a total of eight team call out list members aboard. (Two other team members were also out and about in the same area, in their own vehicles)

The early mornings frosty weather gave way to slightly milder conditions changing early afternoon to low cloud and light rain.

Whilst out we met with our GMFRS friend and organiser of the Greater Manchester Emergency Services 999 Day, Ben Levy, out enjoying a Boxing Day walk.

We also met up with former team Call Out list member (And former Team Training Officer) Andy Ryding, the Area United Utilities Ranger, who introduced our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Steve Fletcher to United Utilities Jumbles Ranger Jon Grimshaw.

With such a lot of visitors to the area we obviously drew a lot of attention and interest, with our day ending around circa 16.00hrs with some assistance to a Lancashire Constabulary patrol, by way of local knowledge, in locating an item reported to Police by a hill walker in the Hordern Stoops area, mid way on the moorland road between Rivington and Belmont.