Some facts and figures Year to Date 2013 for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

We currently have forty six Call Out List members, four ‘Reserve Call Out list members, and twelve Support Group members, a grand total of sixty Team members.

We currently have four specialist built Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles, one Ford Transit Minibus Ambulance and an Incident Control Vehicle in team service.

We currently have three trailers in team service; consisting of a Catering Unit, our SAR boat trailer and a trailer containing our two AerShelta Inflatable Shelter tents.

We currently have one 3.5m semi rigid inflatable SAR Boat.

We operate out of garage premises at GMFRS Bolton Central Fire Station, at GMFRS Bolton North Fire Station (Thanks for both to GMFRS) and garage and our Base / HQ premises at Ladybridge Hall, Chorley New Road, Bolton. (Courtesy of NWAS)

We have 1,590 Twitter ‘Followers.’

We have 384 Facebook ‘Followers.’

We predict we will reach 1,600,000 website followers by the end of January 2014. (Lookout for our totally revised Website being launched very soon)

We have attended to date this year 107 Operational Call Outs involving 109 separate incidents.

Of our 107 Call Outs, thirteen of these have just involved our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog.

We have provided ‘Standby Rescue Cover’ for seventeen events this year.
‘Briefly Yours’ the teams in-house member only circulation A4 format news-sheet, carrying details of team activities, policy, procedures, gossip, debriefs on incidents and general chit chat, which is copied to every team member is now on Issue 271 this year ! (So much to record and pass on to our membership)

We have one operational Search Dog in the team, Search Dog Boris (With his handler Steve Nelson) who is a specialist ‘Trailing Dog.’

We have one Drowned Victim Search Dog, Sasha, currently in training (With her handler, and former SARDA Air Scenting dog handler, and our current Training Officer Dave Marsh) – who should be graded for operational incidents in 2014.

We currently have one potential ‘Air Scenting’ Search Dog in training with SARDA England, Bella (With her handler Paul Chisholm) – who should be graded for operational incidents in 2015.

We have an integral water search and rescue capability within the team, including five Bankside First Responders, three Rescue 3 Swiftwater First Responders, two Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Technicians, and one Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician.

The team has 123 Collection boxes in various locations throughout the local community the team serves.