Kind comments received from casualty involved in Incident 16, Saturday 11th January 2014

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a kind email from the casualty involved in Incident 16 of Saturday 11th January 2014, which happened on the path adjacent to Turton and Entwistle Reservoir. (Please see website ‘News’ item dated the same)

“Hi I’m the lady from 11th jan.”

“Just want to say many thanks for your help on that day (not one I’d like to repeat) my ankle so they tell me isn’t broken but I’m on crutches and unable to walk at the moment so I would have been there for an awful lot longer if your team had not come to my assistance. they were very efficient and kept me calm and well supplied with warm covering until I got to the hospital.”

“once again my gratitude and thanks.”