Kind letter of thanks and donation from Greater Manchester Police regarding Incident 14 – 2014

On Saturday 4th January 2014, we were involved in a joint search operation with and in direct assistance of Greater Manchester Police, for a missing man in circumstances giving GMP cause for concern for his welfare.

GMP Missing Person Search Manager Chris Moody subsequently gave his thanks to the team, which were recorded within the ‘News’ pages of our website, as was the Incident itself. (14 -2014)

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a very kind letter from GMP Robert Potts, Chief Superintendent, South Manchester Division, in regards to this search operation;

“Dear Mr Rhodes.”

“Missing Person Search ; Saturday 04/01/14.”

“I have pleasure in enclosing a donation of £100.00 as a way of acknowledging the assistance and efforts of your team who turned out on Saturday 4th January 2014 to support the Wythenshawe Integrated Policing Team in the search for a missing person.”

“The male was finally located injured, but alive and taken to Wythenshawe Hospital and released some time later.”

“I am positive that this successful outcome was attributable to your team’s expertise and professional contribution.”

“I should like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the difficult and courageous work carried out by yourself and your team.”

“Yours sincerely, Chief Superintendent Robert Potts, Divisional Commander, South Manchester Division, Greater Manchester Police.”

The Bolton MRT would like to express its thanks to GMP Chief Superintendent Robert Potts for his kind and sincere words, and to Greater Manchester Police in making this donation in recognition of our contribution to the successful search outcome, in partnership with GMP Officers / PCSOs and NPAS on the evening of Saturday 4th January 2014.