Team Support Group in first meeting of this New Year, and a warm welcome to two possible new Support Group members

This evening our Team Support Group held its first meeting of 2014, with much to discuss for this coming year regarding the fantastic assistance to the operational part of the team provided by the Support Group.

As usual our Team President (And a Former Team Leader) Bob Hutchinson was present to act as the direct link between our Support Group membership and the ‘active’ operational Call Out list membership of the team.

Support group members Iain Clarkson, Gillian Gregory (Also our team Secretary), Sarah Hindle, Andy Keyworth, Gary Melia (now recovered from his leg injury of last night! – see exercise report 15th January 2014 for details), Amanda Strickleton and Julie Thompson.

The meeting welcomed two hopefully potential new members to the Support Group; Lee Grice of Tyldesley and Dave Rees of Kearsley.

Readers may recall that Dave Rees has had some recent mentions on our website as a former team Call Out list member who has returned ‘to the fold,’ albeit this time as a Support Group member.