Update on the training of DVSD Sasha

Today saw glorious sunshine over Pennington Flash. The air was calm [too calm for dog training] and the temperature warm.

Our Training Officer, Dave Marsh along with trainee Drowned Victims Search Dog Sasha, journeyed to these outer limits for a days water search dog training.

Accompanying Dave, was an ex-Police Dog Handler, who, like Dave, is an associate member of SARDA Ireland North. They both travel across to Northern Ireland on a regular basis, for this type of training under the guidance of Neil Powell [world famous in dog training spheres].

With all of the Flash to themselves, targets were placed in ’box grids’ of 200m x 200m and at depths of 3 metres and 9 metres.

The task was made slightly harder with very little air movement over the surface of the water but it is pleasing to report that both dogs achieved
what was set for them. Future training will be more of the same and will be reported here in due course.