Team Social Evening at Blackburn Ice Arena

Yesterday evening, Sunday 26th January, six team Call Out list members; Chris Greenhalgh, Michael Wakerley, Jess Ellsmore, Sam McKay (with her daughter Molly), Gill Leigh (with her daughter Megan), Kris Kilshaw and two Team Support Group members, Iain Clarkson and Laura Tunnicliffe, journeyed to Blackburn Ice Arena for a team ice skating social.

They were joined by very long serving team Call Out list member Alan James (One of our Honorary Life Vice Presidents) who provided moral support and photography from the ringside (he didn’t want to risk a second ice skating related broken arm)

With two hours of ice skating from 8pm to 10pm, the group had a very enjoyable evening, with coaching available from our team ex figure skater Jess Ellsmore. (Webmaster; Certain members of our team members have many talents)

There were lots of new skills perfected by the end of the evening including skating backwards, skating on one foot, turns, spins and even a figure skating technique called tea-potting.

The award for most spectacular fall went to Kris Kilshaw within 30 seconds of getting in the ring.

The most improved skater award went jointly to Molly and Megan.

The fastest skater award went jointly to Chris and Mike who both beat Jess to the finish line in a race from one end of the ring to the other.

We now have the makings of the new Bolton MRT synchronised figure skating team.
Our next social evening stays with the winter theme, adding snow to the ice of last night, with a planned outing next month to the Chill Factore indoor snow slope at Manchester to keep the team skiers and boarders entertained.