Our fourth evening exercise of this New Year, and its dry for a change (By this we mean it was not raining! underfoot it was as wet as ever)

Organised by Team member Alistair Greenough, tonight’s exercise saw attending team members assemble at 20.00hrs at the high moorland point of Hordern Stoops, between Rivington and Belmont, to be split in to three separate parties and sent on their merry way on a navigation exercise (Using ‘old fashioned’ technology map and compass; GPS devices and the like being banned!)

Whilst some went on to the lower slopes of Winter Hill, others headed off towards Anshaw Clough and Sams Pasture / Hempshaws.

Navigating point to point, and successfully locating the chemical light sticks placed in various devious places, the parties were also tested on what they were carrying in their rucksacs and on their person, by way of safety kit (Spare torch batteries, bivvy bag / casualty shelter, whistle, maps! compass!)

Those arriving at the steep sided moorland valley of Anshaw Clough, were presented with an exercise casualty in the guise of team member Elaine Gilliand, who required casualty care and assisting out of her predicament (Fellow team member Steve Nelson was also present at this location)

Others during their navigation point to point, came across team member Nick Berry just off the moorland track of Belmont Road, who presented the arriving parties with another casualty care scenario, this time 17 year old volunteer casualty Jadyn Skinner (Known to exercise organiser Alistair Greenough) who had a sprained ankle and dislocated shoulder, for the team members to deal with and treat.

In total four team members were involved in the control and co ordination of this evenings exercise, operating out of our Incident Control Vehicle.

Three other team members and Jadyn were located around the navigation course, and twenty four team members were in the three parties.

At the conclusion of tonight’s exercise, it was revealed to all that Jadyn was no stranger to the Bolton MRT.

It turned out that Jadyn was the person injured in our Incident 36 – 2013, of Tuesday 19th February last year (Please see website ‘News’ report dated the same) and so he’s been rescued for real by us!

Next weeks scheduled Wednesday evening training exercise is in the very steep sided, wooded and rocky, moorland stream / ravine of the River Douglas at Rivington, known locally as ‘Tigers Clough.’