A busy weekend ahead as the team enters February

With 16x Incidents attended, alongside 4x Evening Full Team Training Exercises, SARDA Training (Our Trailing Dog with SARDA Wales, Trainee Air Scenting Dog with SARDA England and Trainee DVSD, all at various national and local training events and venues) 1x Team Lecture, a 3rd Party Voluntary Sector meeting attended, one cheque donation presentation attended, our monthly Support Group meeting, a Team Council Meeting, a social mountaineering day in North Wales, a social evening Ice Skating, and our monthly ‘Valet’ day, it has been a busy month to start the teams New Year off in January to date.

As we enter the first weekend of February, the busy nature of the team shows no let up:

Tomorrow our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon are scheduled to attend the MREW National Team Leaders Day being held at Lancashire Constabulary Force Headquarters at Hutton, Preston from 09.00hrs until 16.00hrs.

Out Trainee DVSD Dog Handler, Current Team Training Officer Dave Marsh (A former Air Scenting Dog Handler and currently NSARDA Secretary) is attending NSARDA Training in Canterbury through to Sunday.

A large number of other Team members with Team vehicles, will be present providing Standby Rescue Cover on Saturday 1st February for the Greater Manchester Schools Cross Country Event at Canon Slade School, Bolton, with an estimated 500x young runners taking part, split across eight separate races.

On Sunday 2nd February, our Trainee Air Scenting Dog Handler Paul Chisholm with his dog Bella is scheduled to be Search Dog training helped by colleague Bolton MRT Team member Chris Weatherhead, alongside Calder Valley SRT Search Dog Handlers, whilst on Sunday afternoon other Bolton MRT members will be in the steep moorland wooded ravine of the River Douglas at Rivington (Locally called ‘Tigers Clough’) getting to know the area in advance of our Wednesday evening, 5th February, scheduled exercise there.

Meanwhile over this coming weekend our Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson (SARDA Wales) helped by Elaine Gilliland will be carrying out their routine daily training with Boris, some of our Team Officers will be carrying out their regular and essential team kit and vehicle checks (Incidentally our Incident Control Vehicle BM6, is away today for its regular ‘Vehicle Safety Check’ with Frank Hulton Motor Engineers) and others will be involved in the routine day to day administration and business of Bolton MRT.

And on top of all this we will be maintaining our ability to respond to any operational calls requiring the services of the team.

Please keep watching our website ‘News’ for specific reports on the above scheduled activities.