Thanks for the team in regards to Incident 18 of Sunday 2nd February 2014

Further to Incident 18 yesterday at Cadshaw Castle Rocks, involving a climber who suffered a suspected dislocated shoulder, our Secretary Gillian Gregory received last night an email from Tim Greenhalgh, who was climbing next to the man who was injured and carried out his initial rescue, lowering the injured man to the ground from his predicament.

“Hello, A big thank you to all the teams turning up today, I am sure the injured climber will thank you all in his own way, though that was the first time I had met him.”

“After, performing the rescue, it has come to my attention, how poor my knowledge is in rescue techniques.”

(Webmaster; we think you did an excellent job getting the injured climber back to ground level)

“Thank you again, Yours Sincerely, Tim Greenhalgh.”

“P.S. You can tell the team, I now know how to tie the Klemheist knot, but my shunt will always be with me, just in case.”

Please see website ‘News’ report Incident 18 dated Sunday 2nd February 2014.