SARDA Training for our Trainee Search Dog Bella and helpers.

This evening, our Trainee SARDA Air Scenting Search Dog Handler Paul Chisholm, with his Trainee Search Dog Bella, assisted by Bolton MRT colleagues Chris Weatherhead and Nigel Booth (Our Equipment Officer Medical), journeyed to the Calder Valley SRTs team area to undertake weekly routine Thursday evening SARDA training, alongside other handlers from CVSRT, at the venue today of Todmorden.

Well at least that was their intention, an RTC on the motorway and one hour stuck in stationary traffic meant they never got there, and instead turned back for ‘home’ territory, spending time training in the vicinity of Two Lads on Rivington Moor.

Meanwhile Bolton MRT team member Jess Ellsmore, who regularly volunteers as an ‘Exercise body’ for SARDA (As Chris Weatherhead and Nigel Booth were doing) had arrived at Todmorden, minus her Bolton MRT colleagues, and joined in training with CVSRT’s Dog Handlers.