A report from young team Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore from her day with Langdale Ambleside MRT today

Many of our Team members take the opportunity to liaise with fellow MRT / ALSAR colleagues when the chance is presented, the below is a report from our youngest Team Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore from her day with Langdale Ambleside MRT today, as made to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE;

Hi Garry 🙂 I hope today went well, I just wanted to let you know that today I was up in the lakes with Chris Toward (who is a member of Langdale Ambleside MRT).

The LAMRT team were called out to the ridgeline above Easedale Tarn for a lower leg injury, 10x LAMRT team members responded with 5x more members and myself held at LAMRT teams base.

The team of 10x that had responded, splinted the casualties leg and had started to carry the casualty of by stretcher…….. during the carry off…… just by chance…… a Royal Navy SAR Sea King passed overhead which was heading to a training exercise with Wasdale MRT…. the team therefore contacted RAF Kinloss (ARCC) to request assistance which was kindly given.

The Royal Navy Sea King from RNAS Gannet SAR Flight, Prestwick, then landed and picked the casualty off the hill and brought them down to Ambleside Rugby Club where they were met by 4x members of LAMRT and myself.

We carried the casualty to the waiting mountain rescue vehicle, they were then transported to the LAMRT base to be handed over to the NWAS crew.

It was nice to see LAMRT at work and I’m thankful to the team for letting me assist.

Please note this report is listed here for the interest and information of our readers and does not feature in our Incident Listings.

Please also see the website of Langdale Ambleside MRT for further details on this incident.