Incident 23/2014

During the response to Incident 22, we received a pager message at 11.02hrs alerting us to an incident near to Yarrow Reservoir “in Horwich,” involving an injured male horse rider.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE Controlling and Co-ordinating the response to Incident 22 (See below report) was already in contact with NWAS Greater Manchester Control, who suggested the call was from NWAS (Lancashire) Control, which Garry then contacted.

Meanwhile a Team Land Rover with three crew on board, on hold at our GMFRS Bolton North Fire Station garage in case of additional resources being needed at Incident 22, was immediately redirected to start heading towards the Yarrow Reservoir area.

As this area borders the primary operational area of our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT, our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon was in turn liaising with Garry to determine if the call was actually in BPMRTs area, and as such was going to contact BPMRT to respond, once Garry established the actual incident location, Geoff meanwhile also redirected to this incident.

NWAS (Lancashire) Broughton EOC Airdesk, detailed the incident to Garry, stating that the incident no longer required MRT assistance, and although the NWAA Helimed 75 had landed nearby the injured male horse rider had walked to the responding Emergency Ambulance parked at Alance Bridge at Yarrow Reservoir.

Here Team Call Out list member Paul Copley who had been walking nearby turned up and assisted with traffic duties at this narrow moorland valley road, where the Ambulance was parked up.

Via our radio system a full stand down was communicated at 11.10hrs, backed up by a confirming pager stand down at 11.17hrs.

The following resources were involved in this incident;

  • NWAS (Lancashire); EOC Broughton Airdesk, Emergency Ambulance and two crew from Chorley Ambulance Station.
  • NWAA; Helimed 75 from City Airport Manchester (Barton)
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team; One Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance with three crew on board stood down responding, our Deputy Team Leader and one other team member (Neil Aspinall) stood down responding, Team member Paul Copley on scene at the incident conclusion.